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FAITH SMITH - Owner of Dressed Up Threads

Faith Smith first began sewing as a little girl, designing dresses for her dolls. She began more seriously learning the art of sewing when she was 15; she has sewn all of her own dresses ever since.


In 2015, she and a friend opened a humble little pop-up shop called Dressed Up Threads in an old dairy parlor. Today, Faith runs Dressed Up Threads as a storefront in Dayton, Virginia, partnering with her sister Hope’s home goods store, Hopeful Things.


Faith currently resides in Fulks Run, Virginia, with her husband Loren and their three sons.

Our Story

We started out as a pop-up shop in a an old milking parlor. A year later we moved to a

store front in a town close by. It's been a fun journey of learning about fabrics.

We are now excited to bring you unique fabrics across the map.

Meet Our Local Seamstresses




Amanda is Dressed Up Threads’ most recent seamstress. Inspired by her mother’s beautiful sewing, Amanda took to dressmaking at age eleven and has been loving it ever since. On any given day, you may find Amanda sewing dresses and quilts, caring for children, or making coffee at Kaffee Klatsch in the Dayton Market where she is the manager.


In addition to work and her hobbies, Amanda is a devoted servant of the community, working as an advanced EMT volunteer with the rescue squad since she was 16 years old. Whether she’s managing the coffee shop or protecting the community that day, she loves to come home and end the day by making a beautiful dress. Amanda lives in Clover Hill, Virginia, with her husband Peter.

Originally from Ontario, Canada, Kathy Troyer began working with Dressed Up Threads when she moved to the area two and a half years ago. With over forty years of sewing experience, Kathy contributes valuable skills to the Dressed Up Threads team, including designing patterns for new dresses.


In addition to sewing, she spends much of her time working at White Birch Retirement Home, being a friend to its elderly members. When she has free time, she enjoys reading, listening to audiobooks while sewing, and pursuing different hand crafts such as crocheting and quilting. She and her husband Sam live in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and have five adult children.




Organized and efficient, Lou has been a dedicated seamstress with Dressed Up Threads since September of 2019. Lou fell in love with sewing at the age of 13 when she made her first dress, and she hasn’t stopped since!


Originally hailing from Goshen Indiana, Lou now lives in Mt. Solon, Virginia, with her husband Jerry and their three sons. On their days off, Lou and her clan enjoy hiking in the beautiful mountains near their home or playing with the golden doodle puppies that they breed.

Sarah first started sewing at age 8 when she made her own doll clothes and quickly progressed to making her own clothes by age 10. While she has known Faith all her life, she only began sewing for Dressed Up Threads a year ago.


When she isn’t sewing, you may find her baking delicious treats at the Country Village Bake Shop where she works. Some of her hobbies include spending time with family and friends, reading, and baking. As the oldest of eight, Sarah is bubbly, easygoing, and fun to be around. She lives with her family in Mount Solon, Virginia.

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